Advances in Architectural Geometry 2014 – AAG14


The forthcoming Advances in Architectural Geometry 2014 conference has opened for paper submission! The conference will take place at the University College of London, in September 18-21.

Some of the best engineering and architecture firm, gravitating around the advanced architecture, meet every two years in this two–days conference. At the end of that, two days of workshop are held by those very engineers and architects, to share their depth knowledge in specific fields. Along with other major conferences, such as IASS and SmartGeometry, you can’t really miss that!

Whereas SmartGeometry is mostly a workshop, whose conferences are the results of what participants achieve in those four intensive days, and IASS annually holds more than 1200 participants, AAG is quite elitist, proposing no more than 50 researches every two years, representative of a well defined field.

Here’s the review of the past edition, AAG12 and here’s the book you can buy.

Link to previous editions: