IASS 2013

The International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures 2013 symposium has ended, after 5 intensive days of conferences. This year was dedicated to the famous Italian Engineer Pier Luigi Nervi, whose exhibition was officially opened to the public during the second day of conference.

This symposium is at its 11th edition, since its first time, in 2003. The conference hoards once a year all the participants and external contributors to the IASS working groups, creating a stimulating environment.

A number of the best engineers and researchers from all over the world were there to present their last research or building constructed. Old glories such as Frei Otto and younger ones such as Adrianssens and Block can be found here, exchanging their ideas and insights. During the last day, five of the presenting authors were given the Hangai Prize, rewarding them for the outstanding level of their research.

Next year the IASS2014 it’s being held in Brasilia: don’t miss it!