Rob|Arch 2014

One of the most famous international conference on using robots in architecture. A real must for whose is working on this, or wants to have a deep insight on the matter. Paper submitting and early bird registration are now open!

IASS 2013

The International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures 2013 symposium has ended, after 5 intensive days of conferences. This year was dedicated to the famous Italian Engineer Pier Luigi Nervi, whose exhibition was officially opened to the public during the second day of conference. This symposium is at its 11th edition, since its first time, […]


Structural Optimization

For my Master’s Thesis I fully designed and optimized the glass and steel roof you see in the picture. Dealing with complex structures requires the AEC team to deal with several problems. In this article we’ll focus on the structural optimization, in other words the process utilized to reduce the amount of material to the minimum […]

Force polygon

One of the basic rules used in optimizing structural elements, is to eliminate bending moment. Bending moment produces an uneven distribution of stresses  in cross sections which broadly speaking, must be designed according to the maximum design stress. This results in a lot of material ending up underutilized.