Force polygon

One of the basic rules used in optimizing structural elements, is to eliminate bending moment. Bending moment produces an uneven distribution of stresses  in cross sections which broadly speaking, must be designed according to the maximum design stress. This results in a lot of material ending up underutilized.



Download You need to login, set a master folder, choose which projects to synchronize and then start the sync. It will download everything you have in your projects so be careful. It will link the keys’ content to .json files and viceversa and keep them up to date two-ways as dropbox does.  


GH Component Animated Icon

Here’s a very home made video featuring a dancing banana component :). The following code shows an example of a grasshopper component featuring an animated icon.



Beam optimizer

This application makes beam optimization easy, by interfacing itself with a FE software and changing beams’ cross-sections according to their utilization factor, until a certain goal is reached. Three types cross section of optimization are possible, according to how cross-sections are updated at each iteration due to their utilization factor: Each beam takes the most suited […]