Freeform reciprocal frame system

This four day workshop was held in Salerno in September 2013 with Daniel Piker and Gennaro Senatore as tutors. The goal was to design and build a reciprocal frame system from a freeform surface, helped by the new kangaroo tools Daniel was developing. You can have an idea of what a reciprocal frame system is […]


ITKE/ICD Research Pavilion

ITKE Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design and ICD Institute for Computational Design, both headquartered in the University of Stuttgart, are two of the most progressive research architecture department in the world, along with IAAC, AA and a few others. These departments are headed by Ian Knippers and Achim Menges respectively. This pavilion was […]


Directory of good lectures.


Visual Studio

Visual Studio is one of the best friends for the computational designer, providing a user-friendly programming environment. Although it is rather easy to create a .NET script inside Grasshopper, it is almost impossible to produce a larger and more complex one without a proper editor. VS also provides a debugger, very handy to seek code […]