Shell Structures for Architecture

Shell Structures for Architecture - Form Finding and Optimization

Shell Structures for Architecture Form Finding and Optimization

A very comprehensive book on form finding and optimization in architecture, it collects several works by emerging researchers in the field along with others. Sigrid Adriaenssens, Philippe Block and Chris Williams investigate well-known architectures such as the roofing for the inner courtyard of the Maritime Dutch Museum or the Queen Elizabeth II courtyard in the British Museum.

The book deals with several aspects of today’s complex architectures and it does it in a fairly exhaustive way. The reader can satisfy his/her thirst for knowledge in Form finding of grid shells such is the case for the inner courtyard of the British Museum, understand how reparametrization of meshes work and why is it so important, how to reduce the amount of steel needed so reducing costs but not affecting structural reliability.

Everything is explained in details with the authors leading the unaware reader to gain an exhausting view on all the matters that count. Hardly a book can deal with so different facets of the same subject and being as exhaustive and precise.

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Another book initiating the reader to this matters, although from a more geometrical point of view, is Architectural Geometry, by Helmut Pottmann, Andreas Asperl, Michael Hofer and Axel Kilian.